Fit To Be Beautiful: Teeki Activewear

 Posted by on December 7, 2012
Dec 072012

One of the many reasons why I envy you Americans.

The first time I spotted these Teeki Activewear pants on one of my favorite yoga instructor based in LA (the always stylish Kathryn Budig), I literally swooned. Finally, prints done right. On yoga clothes, no doubt.  Even better, made out of recycled water bottles,  so I’m justified that buying these relatively affordable pants (compared to lululemon).  

Once I started to peruse through their online website, I knew that by the end, not only will I have a full cart, I’ll also be in for a rude awakening once my credit card bill arrives next month. How I almost wished I lived in America so I wouldn’t have to pay extra for shipping!  But one cannot help oneself, I mean how can you resist beautiful and unique designs that you could not find anywhere else  (especially in Canada…yes, I am a terrible Canadian!)?

“Northern Lights” design. Another fave and “must own”.

Another note on the design, not only is it visually stunning, but also capture the essence of nature.  I can truly appreciate the designer’s creativity behind the images she manages to portray onto the canvas of activewear, and to have it made my recycled water bottles not only piqued my interest in the brand, but also branch out from the usual mass-produced yoga wear like lululemon and to seek out alternative brands that still make their clothes in-house and use sustainable materials for their clothes.  

So if you need something to inspire you to maintain an active lifestyle during the holiday season (which, by the way, we tend to use as an excuse to slide ;) ), then check out

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