Fitness: Winter Motivation

 Posted by on December 3, 2012
Dec 032012

December is here! The snow is upon us, holidays are around the corner, the festive decorations are up, party planning is in effect. With all the craziness going on throughout the winter such as shopping, drinks, sweets, holiday and office parties, I lose time for something so important to me: exercise. With so much happening, I lose all desire and motivation for exercise and being active. The cold winter leaves me wanting to stay wrapped in comfy sweaters, drinking warm lattes, and curling up in bed with a good book. I mean, really, if I have those things, WHY would i want to be at the gym? Spinning? No thanks, I’ll just lay here eating unhealthy.

This year, I am going to find the motivation to not quit. Getting to the gym, trying out different classes, eating healthy; these are the things that are important to me all year long. Why do we let ourselves become lazy and unmotivated? Why wait until the New Year for motivation? Let’s do it now!

I have compiled a list for myself, of things to keep in mind during these next few months for motivation and inspiration. Yes, it’s winter, but that’s no excuse to give exercise the cold shoulder!

Here are a few things that will keep me ambitious during the snowy months of the year instead of laying in a slump with a box of cookies:

  • Splurge on a new pair of running sneakers to show off at the gym.
  • Try out different classes the gym has to offer. This is mixing up my work out routine and will keep my body guessing.
  • Write on my desk calendar, or in my phone, the time I will be exercising so i feel committed to going. Because it’s already written down.
  • Keep my gym buddy on a similar schedule as me, so we don’t let each other fall behind.
  • Make a new playlist on my iPod. There’s nothing like upbeat tempos and motivational lyrics to get me going!
  • Set an alarm on my cell phone every day for exercise, this constant reminder will keep me committed and not bail.
  • Tape a photo on the refrigerator, of myself when I looked my best, or a celebrity body I dream of having.
  • Make small goals for myself weekly. Example: If I go to the gym every day this week, I will reward myself with a small gift. (a manicure, magazine, new lipstick!)


With the cold weather making it harder to leave the comfort of our warm homes, what keeps you motivated during the winter months?

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