Lashes: Fake It Till We Make It

 Posted by on November 27, 2012
Nov 272012

Lashes: Fake It Till We Make It

When they say the eyes are windows to the soul, I can’t help but feel the need to enhance the beauty of our sight-seers. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with doll eyes, but thanks to the innovation of beauty, there are new ways that can make our eyes pop without dropping major dollars on surgery (yes there is an option to surgically enhance the size of your eyes)

fake eyelashes

Enter,  lash enhancements. Eyeliner can only do so much, and to be frank, there are many time where women tend to look like a raccoon or a masked bandit. Eyelash curling and mascara does help, but for some of us with naturally straight lashes, they are not as effective or long lasting as we would like. So the best bet is fake lashes.

Now, there are any kinds of fake lashes out there, from the cheap plastic lashes (what I call “made for Vegas performers” ) to the more luxurious mink lashes ala J-Lo.

Truth to be told , I am one for subtlety. I want fake lashes to look real, au naturel. Although salon service does take you back quite a bit in comparison to DIY, it is definitely worth the money. Consider this:  DIY would usually last you one day, and the ones available make it blatantly obvious that they are fake once you’ve put them on.

Furthermore, it is a pain in the ass trying to put these on and usually the outcome is not as nice. So, safe bet is to  invest in some salon service and get it done. From my experience, having my eyelash extensions done at the salon usually cost a range from $40-$100 depending on the thickness of the lashes as well as the quality. No matter which you choose, know that these lashes tend to last for 2-3 weeks, and it is worth the investment for those of you who simply find that mascara and eyelash curlers are not enough.

What do you prefer to use on your eyelashes?

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