Beauty Food: Goji Berries

 Posted by on November 15, 2012
Nov 152012

Goji Berry and Goji berries

One of nature’s superfood, Goji berries hails from an evergreen shrub found in the regions of China,Mongolia and the Himalayas.  Resembling red raisin, these berries are used in Chinese soups and stews, where they tend to plump up and add a strange sweetness to the dish. Otherwise, they are delicious to snack, as is or a great addition to your trail mix. They taste a bit sweet and tart, the texture feeling a bit matte.

They are widely used by Chinese herbalists and are used as supplementary treatment for the following:

  • liver protection
  • improving eyesight
  • boost circulation (it has a high iron content)
  • improves virility

It also has high levels of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins which helps reverse the aging process and provides nutrients for the skin to keep its suppleness. High in fiber, it also aids in digestions and the cleaning process within the body. Just be mindful of you consumption, since it is so nutrient dense, a small serving is enough. As well, they are quite expensive, so use sparingly. For those of you who would like to combine your goji berries in some meals and treats, here is a great website that provides more information as well as recipes on how to use your superfood!

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