Review: EyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow

 Posted by on November 13, 2012
Nov 132012

I recently attended a Consumer Product event where I discovered a product by Majic Beauty, instant eyeshadow! The shadows come in a variety of colors, but today I tested out shade #22, a champagney/bronze color since that is my go-to color for my eyes and skin tone. Some colors are fun for a night out, while others are more neutral for an everyday look.

Each box contains 2 pairs of single use applicators, the box is thin and sleek, perfect for travel and can be thrown away after use. The applicator pads are soft and gentle;  this is the easiest product to use and came out flawless.

Start by holding the pad on eyelid for a few seconds, then sweep the pad outward and slightly upward to apply color. The box says to use the reverse clean side of the pad to “clean up” any access shadow or to blend colors, but I didn’t even need to!

I applied NARS eyeshadow primer first, then the shadow, finishing off with some mascara (Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes, for those of you wondering!) to complete the look. The shadow stayed on for the remainder of the day and didn’t crease or come off at all.

Some perks:

-Simple to use

-Saves time

-Saves money

-Saves room

I loved the finished look I got from EyeMajic, and will definitely be using it again! I liked how it’s an easy to use product, with no mess, no eyeshadow brushes or tools needed!


Would you be interested in using an instant eyeshadow like EyeMajic?

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