Review: Skin An Apothecary Sugar Glow

 Posted by on November 7, 2012
Nov 072012

Skin An Apothecary Sugar Glow in Chamomile Flower

I always enjoy trying out new body scrubs because they leave skin super smooth and they always smell nice. Well I recently tried a new scrub, Skin An Apothecary Sugar Glow in Chamomile Flower. This is sugar scrub contains sugar, four types of oil, cocoa and fragrance – that’s it. Skin An Apothecary does not state on the  jar what the fragrance is made from but it smells like Chamomile and Gardenias.

Inside of Skin An Apothecary Sugar Scrub Glow in Chamomile Flower

When I first opened the jar I noticed that the product was very liquidy. The sugar sinks to the bottom and becomes compacted and the oil floats at the top. There seems to be too much oil for the amount of sugar in the jar. but if you stick you hand an inch in you can scoop of the sugar saturated scrub blend.

I always enjoy using scrubs on my legs because they exfoliate so well and your legs instantly look a bit more radiant and smooth. This scrub did the job pretty well; sugar helps exfoliate the skin. The oils deeply hydrate the skin and the added cocoa is an anti-oxidant that helps fight free radical damage.

This scrub has some serious hydration power with grape seed, wheat germ and Vitamin A & E oils. You will not need to moisturize even after the hottest shower and your skin will feel like silk. I just wish that there was a way to keep the product better blended but I did enjoy the natural formula. And if chamomile is not your thing this scrub is available in other decadent scents like Blood Orange & Chocolate and Vanilla Plum.

 Skin An Apothecary Sugar Glow, $26

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