Fall Trend: Nail Art Craze

 Posted by on November 2, 2012
Nov 022012

Aztec Nail Art from Free The People

A considerably popular trend in America, I have yet to encounter some cool nail art amongst my fellow Canadians. However, I am thoroughly fascinated with this trend because I think it is awesome to use your nails as another form of expressing individuality.

I have perused through many photos of nail art, from the sublime (yes, I have seen works of art on nails) to the downright crazy (Will and Kate photos on nails), and I am now tempted to find a decent design to embellish my usually neutral colored nails.  The process is pretty easy when it comes to application of nail art. It involves polish, mani/pedi and decorations. The labor is far more intricate when it comes to precise placement of each decorative piece.

Oo lala Ciate. 

Yes, it is to say that cleanliness is godliness, and when it comes to nails, it speaks a lot about who you are. At the same token, I think it is nice to funkify your look, go wild without being so blatantly obvious, and for a far lesser price. Check out this gallery here of Olympic nail art to get you inspired!

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