Oct 292012

Badger Seabuckthorn Hair Oil for All Hair Types

Lately my hair has been EXTRA dry. I don’t know if it’s the transition to natural hair or trying out so many different products. But whatever it is, my hair needed a little TLC. For a few weeks I’ve been using a natural hair oil, Badger Seabuckthorn Antioxidant Hair Oil, in addition to my everyday moisturizers.

This hair oil is a nightly treatment that you should use over a four week period. The oil is applied to hair, concentrating on the dry ends and scalp and then left in for at least an hour or or overnight. After the oil has had time to sink in then you can wash and style your hair normally.

This oil is contains a super-powered combination of seven oils including apricot, pomegranate, seabuckthorn and rosehip oil. Seabuckthorn and Pomegranate are rich Vitamins A, B, C, E, & K to strengthen hair and promote elasticity. And apricot oil is a healing oil that moisturizes and adds shine.

Badger Seabuckthorn Hair Oil for All Hair Types

One of the first things that I noticed about the hair oil was how well my hair absorbed it. Granted, my hair can get pretty dry. But this oil did not just “sit” on the hair shaft, my hair drank it up pretty quickly. Also, the oil is not thick and heavy, it’s light and thin. I have a lot of hair but my hair strands are actually thin. So it works for all hair types because it won’t weigh it down. This Badger oil also has a fresh scent of sweet orange and a hint of lavender and rose. It really smells nice without being too ‘perfumey’. The oil left my hair super soft, including my ends that are still overdue for a trim! I also liked leaving the oil in my hair as a daily moisturizer, it worked really well when my hair was feeling almost brittle. This Badger Seabuckthorn Antioxidant Hair Oil is a must buy product, loved it. Have you tried it?

Badger Seabuckthorn Antioxidant Hair Oil for All Hair Types, $16

Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided for editorial consideration. Receipt of this product did not guarantee review and all opinions are my own.

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