Fall Beauty Trends

 Posted by on October 25, 2012
Oct 252012

Anna Sui: She sure knows how to seduce!

Fall is here! It’s that time of year where we start to bring out our beloved trench coats and scarves, light mitts and knee high boots while secretly dreading that in six weeks time, winter will slowly creep itself in full bloom. I’ve noticed that fall time is when every woman starts to dress like a chic British lady (think Kate Middleton).

 In terms of beauty, here is the breakdown on what is cool for fall, sourced by Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week:

  • Clear skin is always in. Think au natural, minimalist make up with a hint of blush to enhance those lovely cheekbones.
  • Red lips are timeless. Minimalist makeup plus red lips equals sexy for Fall (or for any season to be honest)
  • Dramatic lashes accompany the minimal look.
  • For those of you who like to go bold: blue/peacock eye shadow mixed with some brown is the way to go. Think Anna Sui and Prabal Gurung.
  • Look out for an influx of women wearing headbands. Yes, they are back and ready to pull your hair back!

So, ladies, keep it simple. Keep it clean and from time to time, go bold if you feel like it.

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