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This morning, other bloggers and myself met for breakfast at the Trump Soho in New York City to hear about a new product launched from Abreva. The Abreva® Conceal™ is the brands first introduction to beauty, and fits all needs of the consumer. This product is being introduced throughout drugstores at the perfect time… because cold sore season is upon us, ladies.

Where do they come from? This morning we learned that cold sores are triggered from things such as stress, cold weather, dry air, winter wind, and the common cold. A cold sore is an ugly surprise, an unattractive burden that makes us women feel like we want to hibernate from dates, social gatherings and events. When we pile make up on top of the cold sore, like concealers or foundations, it seems to make the area even worse!

Abreva® Conceal™ is a new, FDA approved, thin, transparent, non-medicated patch that conceals and protects the cold sore on your skin. The patch provides a sheer, flawless surface that hides the ugly sore and keeps all contaminants out.

Author of 3 Best-selling books and make up artist from TLC’s “What Not to Wear”, Carmindy Bowyer, educated us on the new product and how you can actually apply make up over the patch, concealing the sore with a perfect finish.

“To me, a cold sore is a total confidence crusher!”, says Carmindy. She explained how using make up to cover the sores wind up looking cakey, discolored, and nothing stays put. Using Abreva Conceal, the cold sore will not get infected and your make up brushes will not be contaminated. According to the make up guru, “The Abreva Conceal patch is the best quick fix idea out there.” Carmindy demonstrated how to apply the patch, while adding a touch of foundation to a sponge and watching it disappear on the skin. Then, she even added lip gloss on top and the cold sore was gone.

And the best of all? Carmindy says the Abreva Patch will work on a nasty cut, a bug bite, even a pimple!

Will you be trying the Abreva Conceal?

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