Review: LA FRESH® Instant Body Soother Wipes

 Posted by on September 25, 2012
Sep 252012

LA FRESH Instant Body Soother Wipes review

I’m all about a beauty product that does what it says and is good for you too!

LA FRESH makes a complete lines of wipes for just about any beauty need, they are eco-friendly and free of harsh or harmful ingredients and even have skin benefiting oils in them!

I’ve been using the LA FRESH natural peppermint wipes constantly. They have a blend of six oils, including peppermint oil for a nice aromatherapy boost. Peppermint oil has been used to treat everything from indigestion to headaches to nausea. The Olive, Jojoba, Sesame, Grapeseed, Vitamin E oils are a great addition to the wipe because they help keep skin soft and hydrated.

LA FRESH Instant Body Soother Wipes review

The wipes are meant to massage onto temples, shoulders or anywhere you might feel stressed or tense. They are definitely relaxing, I found the scent to be oh so cooling and calming. I love taking a big inhale and just enjoying the pleasant scent and then wiping down my neck and temples at the end of a long day. The wipes pleasantly smell of peppermint hard candy and give a bit of a cool tingle on the skin.

I’ll admit that I’ve also been using these wipes as a makeup remover, and a very effective one at that. They gently removed all of my makeup after a long night out, when I was just too tired to wash my face. Afterwards my face felt just as clean as if I washed it and there was no sticky residue behind, which I love.

LA FRESH® Instant Body Soother Wipes, $9.99.

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