Review: Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge

 Posted by on August 5, 2012
Aug 052012

Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge

Showering can be an almost religious experience, at least for me it is. It washes away the remains of the day, leaving me refreshed, renewed, clean and clear-headed. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day; I can relax and reflect on the events of the day while enjoying a rare moment of alone time.

So when I shower I really like to enjoy the experience whether it’s with scented shower gels, candles or music. I grab my loofah or my Clarisonic and I spend a little me time just pampering my body.

Well I recently received a press sample of Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge, which is literally a bar of soap with a sponge inside.

Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge

Cleanlogic glycerin soaps are infused with an anti-bacterial sponge that really exfoliates. I’ll admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this. The soap lathers well and feels similar to a gently loofah.

If you take long showers, like I do, then you might notice that the soap washes away quite a bit leaving behind just the sponge. However since the soap is pretty reasonably priced that factor doesn’t bother too much. The soaps are available in four different scents, I tried the Peach Berry which has a faint smell of berries and did not smell at all like peaches. Overall if was a nice soap to use and it left my skin feeling well scrubbed. Have you tried ClearLogic Soap + Sponge?

Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge, $4.79

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