The benefits of Intimacy

 Posted by on July 25, 2012
Jul 252012

The benefits of intimacy

The idea of intimacy is probably something I don’t have to sell you on. Who doesn’t like to be touched and loved by someone else? In fact, it’s one of the few feelings we can’t truly replicate on our own and have to depend on someone else for. But did you know that intimacy actually has many benefits besides making you feel great inside and out?

Intimacy can help you live longer, be healthier, lose weight, maintain happiness and reduce stress. Let’s explore why.

If we grind intimacy down to its simplest core: touch, we can see how it truly affects us. Touch has a huge effect on nurturing our health and well-being as well as life expectancy. When babies are first born, nurses and parents are instructed to hold them and touch them a lot because it actually raises their mortality rate. Nurses are also encouraged to frequently touch elderly people, as they may not receive touch as often any more. The simple act of hugging someone, massaging their shoulders or holding their hand can actually keep them alive longer.

But if we look at intimacy on a much bigger scale and on the scale we’re much more accustomed to, you’ll see that intimacy in the form of sex has numerous advantages.

Regular sex can actually help you lose weight and stay in shape. Sexual activity can burn up to 150 calories per half hour, so you marathon people can rejoice and skip the gym. Sexual activity also coincides with health, as people who engage in regular sexual activity typically work out more and eat better.

Sex can actually relieve stress and headaches. Whenever you have sex and orgasm, our brain releases the hormone, oxytocin, which can cause an immediate relaxation in your muscles, mood and stress. Oxytocin is informally known as “the love drug,” because it’s what gives you those warm feelings when you’re with someone you love. It heightens your mood and decreases your anxiety. It’s even been shown to help process the healing of wounds.

And speaking of wounds, sexual activity can also decrease physical pain you may be enduring. Sexual activity releases endorphins in your body, which raise your pain threshold, allowing you sometime of reprieve.

But, if you’re single, you’re probably thinking, “gee, this is great and all, but I don’t have anyone to have sex with.” Well, the good thing is, you can relieve stress, headaches and pain all on your own. While it is nice to have someone around to do it with, it’s the simple act of getting off that floods are bodies with these feelings. So take some time to yourself today and really see what your body is capable of. If you’re looking for some tools to get the job done, head over to Adam & Eve, where they’re will be enough endorphins floating around for everyone!

And if you’re not single, what are you waiting for? I don’t need to give you reasons to have sex. Hop to.

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