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 Posted by on July 12, 2012
Jul 122012

Contents inside of July 2012 curlbox beauty subscription program

I’ve been a subscriber to curlBOX for a few months now and I’m still very happy with the service. I can’t say that about other beauty subscription services.

Well this July, CurlBOX has once again provided subscribers with two full-size hair care products and a few deluxe size sample. Here’s what’s inside:

Contents inside of July 2012 curlbox beauty subscription program: Motions Naturally You smoothing shampoo and conditioner

Motions Naturally You! Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner – Although the product reads “naturally you” this is not a natural product. Personally I’m not a fan of motions because of all of the cheap chemicals and sulfates that they use so I’ll pass on these two. I prefer to use Shea Moisture for my hair care needs and other natural brands.

Contents inside of July 2012 curlbox beauty subscription program: shea radiance nourishing hair repair cream

Shea Radiance Nourishing Hair Repair Cream – this cream  instantly softens and hydrates hair which is perfect for summer. I don’t know about you but this extreme heat has left my hair drier than ever. And this lightweight cream is perfect for keeping ends and edges smooth and soft. Its not too greasy and the perfect consistency for summer use.

July  2012 curlbox review, Jane Carter solutions condition and sculpt

Jane Carter Solution Condition & Sculpt – This is another product that’s perfect for summer. This lightweight serum can be used to tame curls or to get the “wet look”. What’s impressive about this brand is that they use plant derived ingredients that are environmentally safe, eco-friendly and vegan (and of they course not tested on animals)! I loved using this product my ends and I can’t wait to try it on wet hair. Check out this brand if you can, they make products for ALL hair textures,  I highly recommend them.

July  2012 curlbox review, Luster pink oil moisturizer and coupons

Luster Pink Oil Moisturizer & Coupons – Ahh this little sample brought me way back, I used Pink Oil many, many years ago. It was one of the first hair care products that I bought as a pre-teen. Well Luster is back with a new lightweight formula made with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. I haven’t sampled it yet but I’m glad that the formula has changed, it was a little to thick and sticky.

As usual there were also a few coupons for the products inside the box including one for Sage Naturalceuticals and Jane Carter Solution, I WILL be using the latter for sure!

To join go to and join for $20/month

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