Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner?

 Posted by on July 6, 2012
Jul 062012

Liquid eyeliner

One thing which many people find confusing is whether they should be using pencil or liquid eyeliner. Really, it’s just a matter of preference, although different types of eyeliner will make certain looks more achievable. With this in mind, here are a few things which you may wish to consider next time you’re choosing between pencil and liquid eyeliner.

Firstly, each type of eyeliner can be used to create a very different type of look. If a recent trip to Rush Hair, or other similar salons, has resulted in chunky bangs being added to your ‘do, then you will want to give your eyes a little extra definition. Liquid eyeliner is perfect for this, as it will create a strong, solid line, as well as the opportunity to add a defined flick at the outer edges. If you are keen to ensure that your eyes do not become ‘lost’, then this tends to be the best type of eyeliner to use. In the other hand, if you tend to wear your hair pulled back in a bun or high ponytail, then liquid eyeliner can look a little harsh. In this scenario, it can be better to line eyes with a softer pencil line, to give a subtle, smoky effect.

Pencil eyeliner also has the advantage of lasting much longer than its pencil counterpart. Although a pencil might need regular sharpening, it will not dry up in the way that liquid eyeliners eventually tend to. In addition, pencil eyeliners are usually much easier to apply, making them perfect for novices, or those who do not plan to wearing eye make-up on a regular basis. Yet, if you can get it right, liquid eyeliner offers the opportunity to achieve a far more professional and dramatic look, so you may feel that it is worth a little extra time and effort. Recently, liquid eyeliners which use a felt-style nib (rather than a brush) have become more widely available, making the application of liquid eyeliner much easier.

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  1. I love liquid liner because it’s so precise and easy to apply. I tend to use liquid for night and pencil for day.

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