A Peek Inside June curlBOX

 Posted by on June 20, 2012
Jun 202012

Whats inside the June 2012 CurlBOX

So far I have been enjoying my monthly curlBOX subscription, it’s one of my favorite beauty subscription services. Which is saying a lot because¬† cancelled my Birchbox subscription as well as my Eco-Emi. One of the reasons why kept my curlBOX subscription is because for the $20 fee the package contains more than one full-sized product and there are always tons of samples.

In the June curlBOX there were three full-sized products in the box along with several single-use samples.

Dr. Miracles Curl Care Frizz Control Serum

Dr. Miracles Curl Care Frizz Control Serum – One of the full-sized samples is this silicon based frizz control serum that’s fairly inexpensive. However my problem with silicon-based hair products is that they rarely moisturize but rather give the appearance of shine and health but in reality the hair is just coated with this polymer. So unfortunately I’m going to pass on using this product.

 Nutress hair wrap guard foam wrap lotion

Nutress Wrap-Guard Foam Wrap Lotion – While I admittedly do not wrap my hair this is a great option for ladies that want to use rollers or rods to amp up their curls. With that being said, I’m anxious to give this wrap foam a try!

Coconut Sublime Conditioner

Coconut Sublime Conditioner – This was my favorite product out of this months’ box. It smells like a tropical island with a fragrant blend of coconut and pineapple. This conditioner instantly softens curls and is a great detangler. I’ve been using it in lieu of shampoo and just rinsing my hair with it and it’s always feels more manageable afterwards.

Hair care Samples inside the June 2012 curlbox

There were various packets of one-time use samples from Free Your Mane, Organic Root Stimulator, SofnFree and Ambrosia Hair. Out of the individual packets I enjoyed the Ambrosia Honeybush Replenishing Hair Milk which is an aloe based conditioner that’s very hydrating -well worth purchasing a full-sized bottle.

Bugs off Bracelet insect repellant deet free

Last but not least, I received a Bugs Off Mosquito Repellant Band. Now it’s certainly not a hair care product but since it’s the summer it was a nice bonus to receive one on the package. This is a much cleaner and eco-friendly option compared to those horrible aerosol cans.

Have you subscribed to curlBOX yet?

curlBOX.com, $20

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  1. You will definitely get to use the bugs off repellent, since we are in the summer months.


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