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 Posted by on June 17, 2012
Jun 172012

I was recently invited to have a complementary facial at Aura Wellness Spa on West 33rd Street in New York City. If you’re familiar with the midtown west area you know just how busy and congested that part of the city is. So it was a nice surprise to find this spa hidden away in the midst of stores, buildings and restaurants. It’s truly a hidden gem in more ways than one.

I’ve been to many spas over the years and liked many and loved few, Aura Wellness Spa falls into the latter category. Not only is this huge 12,000 square feet space aesthetically beautiful but the services, customer service and the products are top of the line.

When I arrived at the spa I handled the usual spa pleasantries of filling out forms, sipping water and waiting for my esthetician. Once she arrived and led us toward the upper level where I was able to get a better view of the spa. There were these pods where you can have a water-jet massage with aromatherapy. I’ve never tried it before and it looks pretty interesting to have my entire body submerged in jet-propelled water with just my head sticking out. So I’ll have to try that on my next visit.

AURA Wellness Spa Water massage therapy

Anyway, once I arrived at the locker room I received a key, a robe and slippers to change into. The locker room was equipped with beautiful glass door showers, ice water, sinks, benches and of course a locker. Connecting to the locker room are the grottoes. If you book any one hour service or longer, you’re in for a treat. You can enjoy some down time in spas’ therapeutic grottoes. The one that caught my eye was covered in crystal and jade stones.

Our Therapeutic Grottoes are constructed of yellow loess soil, which contains numerous micro-organisms and minerals that dissolve, filter and eliminate toxins from the body. They also feature bioceramic stones which serve as another source for removing toxins and as a source for softening the skin, and bioceramic stones which emit infrared rays to improve blood circulation, boost metabolism and provide quick yet lasting relief from muscle and arthritis pain.

Aura Wellness Spa Grottoe

Unfortunately I was running short on time I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the grottoes but they were quite lovely. I arrived in my treatment room my esthetician took a brief assessment of my skin and began the treatment, an Aura Signature Facial. The Aura Signature Facial is a deep pore cleansing facial with exfoliation, extraction and a facial massage. I enjoyed the facial massage quite a bit because the esthetician spent a good amount of time gently massaging my puffy under eye area and my under eye bags looked so much better afterwards. After my facial my skin felt soft, pampered and greatful to have some much needed deep cleaning.

The spa also offers full body massages, reflexology, acupuncture, Asian herbal treatments, , Oriental body scrubs, and holistic health consultations.  And if you’re in the mood to treat your sweetheart to something special, Aura Wellness also has four private suites for couple’s therapy with private saunas and showers. The space is quite lovely, serene and romantic, in my opinion a great spa for couples.

Overall I received a great facial and I really enjoyed the beautiful zen-like aesthetic of the facility. Aura Wellness provides a relaxing environment for holistic health treatments in the midst of busy Midtown Manhattan and I can’t wait to go back. Have you visited Aura Wellness spa?

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  1. They have a cool setup and those grottoes look and sound amazing.

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