Jun 092012

Sally Hansen Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips in Lust-Rous

I desperately needed a manicure but I didn’t have time to get one; I would normally give myself a manicure at home but I really wanted it to look nice so that wasn’t an option. So I stopped by Duane Reade and picked up some Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips. It’s been a while since I’ve used them so I wanted to try something new and picked out shade #470 a.k.a Lust-Trous. I was really hoping for “Love Letter” the pretty black and white script print but it of course was sold out. Lust-Trous is a pretty black polish with different sized fleck of silver and gold sparkles.

Sally Hansen Lust-Trous swatch

I’ve used the nail polish strips before and liked them a lot, unfortunately they don’t always last for 10 days. My strips lasted about 5 days before they began to chip…see my index finger. But they’re a great alternative if you’re like me and polishing your nails is not exactly your forte.The only problem that I have with these nail polish strips in centering them so that the strip covers the nail bed perfectly, it’s an art I suppose.

What are you wearing on your nails this week?

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