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Cruelty free beauty brand, The Body Shop new pulse stores

As a teen I attended St. Vincent Ferrer High School located just blocks away from Bloomingdales which I think in part fueled my shopping compulsion. On half days, my friends and I would go shopping at Bloomingdales testing out fragrances, playing with makeup and trying on clothes. Then one day there was a new shop in the neighborhood, The Body Shop, it had lots of bath products, sweet fragrant oils, henna, candles and everything that a high school beauty addict would love. Sometimes I’d stop by just to smell their legendary vanilla perfume or just to see what they had new in store. While chatting with salespeople in the store I learned about terms line “ethical beauty” and “No animal testing” and what they really meant, it was really mind blowing to my young mind. This was the first time that I’d ever heard a brand mention anything like that. I’ll admit it, the The Body Shop helped make me a bit more knowledgeable about these issues.

Well yesterday I attended a press preview for The Body Shop at the James Hotel in New York City to learn about the new Pulse concept store. The Pulse concept store aims to engage,
inform consumers about activism, products and in-store campaigns. Stores will now feature twin 
 with mirrors displaying 
 to play with as well as stools to sit on. There are community and “value walls” to highlight global campaigns and to provide details about them. And they’ve even added some energy-efficient lighting that reduces energy consumption by 25% -very eco-conscious. The Body Shop proudly continues to campaign against animal testing with Cruelty-Free International and was at the forefront of the cruelty free beauty movement. They also ensure that the ingredients obtained for their products are fair trade and the packing is 100% recyclable.

Choose Cruelty Free makeup

I think it’s a beautiful thing to see a company act so responsibly about their impact on people, the environment and of course animals. That’s why I was really excited to attend the preview and learn more about how The Body Shop gives back and to learn about all of their new products. You may have also noticed that the packaging has also gotten a chic upgrade in appearance, the bottles have a much more elegant, minimalist design.

There are several new additions to The Body Shop family including oils, fragrant mists and makeup. One of the new products added to The Body Shop family are the Beautifying Oils which can be used on your body, hair and face. I tried the Strawberry Beautifying Oil after my shower last night and it was to DIE for. It’s a lightweight hydrating dry oil that is simply perfect for summer, subtly sweet yet absolutely adult.

This is what The Body Shop had to say about them: Instantly banish dryness, helping to restore softness and nourish skin with a special blend of three lightweight nut oils; kukui nut oil packed with omegas 3, 6 and 9; sweet almond oil containing concentrated vitamin E levels; Community Fair Trade marula nut oil from Namibia for deep moisturization. The Body Shop Beautifying Oils contain up to 99.6% natural ingredients and are available in eleven fragrances; Coconut, Shea, Cocoa Butter, Chocomania, Moringa, Olive, Strawberry, Mango, Sweet Lemon, Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma.

Cruelty free beauty brand, The Body Shop new pulse stores, beautifying body oil for face, hair and body

Another new product line are The Body Shop Body Mists which are delicately scented fragrances in a pretty glass spray bottles, they’re available in all the classic The Body Shop flavors, as well as a new assortment of fragrances including:  Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit, Moringa, Satsuma, Mango, Shea, Strawberry and Coconut. Mango and Moringa are my favorite, I couldn’t stop smelling them! These mists will be available at The Body Shop stores starting June 11, 2012.

The Body Shop Body Mists

Last but not least The Body Shop teamed up with activist and model, Lily Cole on a limited-edition makeup line. Lily Cole is the first ever Global Brand Advocate for The Body Shop, an enviable job I might add. The limited edition Lily Cole makeup collection includes:

  • Pearl Radiance Primer, $22
  • Mini Hi-Shine Lip Gloss, $5
  • Liquid Eyeliner, $13.50
  • Puff on Radiance, $22
  • Shimmer Eyeshadow Cubes, $22
  • Lip & Cheek Dome, $15
  • Mini Brush Set (synthetic bristles), $19

The Body shop collaboration with advocate Lily Cole for their new makeup line for 2012

The Body shop collaboration with advocate Lily Cole for their new makeup line for 2012

The Body Shop synthetic cruelty free makeup brushes

The Body Shop Lily Cole makeup pictures

At the preview a makeup artist for the brand shared tips on applying their new makeup. Check out the video snippet!

 I am loving the Pearl Radiance Primer, its like mixing a bit of bronzer into your primer giving your face a subtle shimmer. The Puff on Radiance is perfect for the décolletage area giving you skin a luminescent sheen. I have yet to explore the rest of the line but I’ll be sure to do so and swatch the eyeshadow collection -which I’m dying to test out.

Have you visited your local The Body Shop lately? If so, what do you think of the new store concept?

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  1. are your makeup brushes also cruelty free, and where is the wood from in the handels

  2. You’re so lucky to grow up in New York. The Body Shop has struggled lately but I will always love them because they were the first to do cruelty-free beauty products and other brands owe them a lot.

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