May 062012

Le Baby Detangler

If you have curly hair a detangler can be your best friend, especially when you have supper tight curls. If I don’t cover my hair or use a silk pillowcase I wake up with a messy head full of tight frizzy curls everywhere. I came across Le Baby Detangler which is made for kids but us adults can indulge! This detangler is very gentle and does not contain any harsh chemicals, parabens or sulfates. It can be sprayed on wet or dry hair and the fragrance-free formula does not leave any scent behind.

Le Baby detangler did such a good job on my hair, gently allowing me to comb through my messy hair. I sprayed it on and gently finger style my curls until they were manageable. This formula doesn’t leave my hair sticky or dry, which I love. It can also be used on wet of dry hair, I prefer it on my dry hair because during the shower I use my regular conditioner as a detangler. It’s when my hair is dry that styling becomes more of a problem. My one complaint is the nozzle spray, it sprays one solid stream at a time instead of a dispersed mist. With having such a concentrated spray one area is left wet and the surrounding areas are left dry. This causes me to use a lot more product than I probably would have normally used. Overall it’s a great cruelty-free choice if you have hair that gets easily tangled and you’re looking for a gentle way to manage it.

Le Baby Hair Detangler, $7.95

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  1. Great tip! My daughter uses a detangler and I never thought of using it for myself.

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