Apr 282012

Exhale Spa New York City

Regular spa treatments should be a part of every girl’s beauty regimen. It’s so relaxing and necessary to get regular facials, massages and body treatments. That’s why I booked a Smart Peel and the luxurious Exhale Spa in New York City.

There are 17 Exhale locations in total but Exhale Upper East Side is the original Exhale, and that is the location where I booked my facial at. It’s a huge 10,000 square feet space with 15 treatment rooms, and three exercise studios. The location is bustling with people going in and out to take Exhale’s signature Core Fusion classes. But once you get beyond the reception area the location begins to feel more like a spa than a fitness center.

Exhale Spa New York City

While waiting for my esthetician I was offered a plush robe and I sat in the cozy lounge area. The lounge area had a sampling of teas as well as spa water. The staff was polite and professional as I expected and my esthetician picked me up from the lounge within minutes.

Lounge area at Exhale Spa in New York City

As I mentioned I booked the Smart Peel which was part of the Spa Week promotion. Here is what Exhale says about the Smart Peel:

Smart Peel 

Enliven your complexion with one of three Smart Peel options, selected just for your skin type. Technology-driven and botanically-based, these peels naturally lift dull skin while infusing nourishing, cell-stimulating botanicals below – all with little-to no-discomfort or residual redness.  Gentle yet thorough extractions follow peel application, as does a luxurious facial massage.  Relax into glowing skin.

The treatment room was comfortable but pretty standard, no fancy decor inside. My esthetician was great and did a nice job of asking a lot of questions about my skin, the products that I used, my skin care routine and what I used for sun protection. She also asked if I had any allergic reactions to any ingredients or products which is very important since I was getting a peel. She walked me through each step of the treatment and explained what each product would do and what it would feel like. I really liked that.

Exhale Spa New York City treatment room

After my facial I always check out the products that the spa carries and Exhale Spa uses iS Clinical, Sircuit Skincare and 302 Professional Skincare. For my facial my esthetician used quite a few products from Sircuit Skincare.

Skincare products used at Exhale Spa

Overall it was a great spa experience, the staff was great, the facility was modern and relaxing and most of all my esthetician did a great job.  The Smart Peel included a thorough cleansing and a pumpkin enzyme mask to gently activate skin cell renewal, the mask tingled a bit but didn’t burn or irritate. During my treatment the ethetician explained that the Smart Peel is great for acne scars and that a few treatments are beneficial for maximum results. I loved the Circuit Skincare products that were used they felt and even smelled divine. They were so impressive that I even bought one after my facial. The Smart Peel left  my skin looking radiant and most of all polished – I was really long overdue for a facial! I really loved my experience at Exhale Spa, I will be back for sure to get another Smart Peel and maybe even a massage!

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  1. Nothing like a good facial! Relaxing like a massage plus the skin care benefits can’t be beat.

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