A day at Spa Castle in New York City!

 Posted by on March 12, 2012
Mar 122012

Since it was my birthday I wanted to take a trip to the spa but I also wanted to spend time with my family. With a couple of clicks on Google I located Spa Castle in College Point. Spa Castle is a five-story and 100,000 square foot facility that is a combination of an Asian sauna and a European day spa; there are also locations in Texas and in the Poconos, PA.

The facility has several wet and dry saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, a lounge area with televisions, kiddie pools, waterfalls, foot and body massage pools, a Hinoki bath, a full service spa and several other amenities. The facility is also open year round, even on holidays and is family friendly. I was pretty excited that I could enjoy a day at the spa with my family and to try some of their many saunas.

I started with the Ice Land cold sauna room which is said to improve blood circulation and the strengthen the immune system. I’m a Summer lover so I only stayed in this room for about two minutes before I had to leave. It was way too cold! Cool concept though.

Ice Land Spa at Spa Castle

Ice Land Cold Sauna

The Jade Sauna is was particularly intriguing to me because it’s covered in crystals and gemstones, which I love because I collect and work with crystals myself. Jade contains calcium and magnesium which emit infrared healing rays known to do wonders for your whole body in including self-healing and releasing toxins.

Jade Sauna

Jade Sauna

The facility also has an L.E.D sauna room that uses color therapy to promote well-being; a gold sauna room to help balance your mind, body and soul; a Himalayan Salt sauna room where the benefits of this natural mineral are said to regulate blood pressure and water throughout your body, reducing signs of aging and promoting optimum blood sugar level and a Loess Soil sauna room with natural herbs to promote relaxation.

Red L.E.D. Light Therapy

Red L.E.D Light Therapy

The facility is lovely, there are a lot of sauna options, pool options and several facilities to eat at. I was a bit surprised at how crowded the spa was for a Sunday. It’s not really a zen-like facility, it’s literally buzzing with energy and lots of families with children of all ages. So if you visit this facility just be aware that there is a lot of activity going on all the time. A day at this spa costs $45 per person, including children over the age of two and there are lots of add-ons; for example flotation devices for children are $4 to use for the day, food is a bit pricy considering the neighborhood – a personal pan pizza for two and a side of fries cost $26. The facility does have a bar if you really want to relax but I elected not to since I was with my little one.

My son loved the facility more than me and I think most kids would. It’s like a water play land with lot of pool areas and what kid doesn’t love splashing around in the water for a few hours?

Jacob at Spa Castle

My youngest son Jacob

I feel that Spa Castle is a great choice for families with children but I wouldn’t really recommend it for couples looking for a romantic time. Yes, I’m a mom and I love kids but screaming toddlers really do not make for a romantic experience. Overall it was a really fun time and I’d highly recommend visiting this facility especially in the summer; it was a little too cool for me to enjoy the outdoor pool. And make sure that you arrive early because the spa can get super crowded in the afternoon.

Have you visited Spa Castle?

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  1. Happy birthday! I agree with you: a spa experience for me doesn’t include children. I love spending time with my kids at the water park but for a spa bath type experience I prefer adults only.

  2. haha looks like fun! I’m sure you’re excited for Spa Week :)

  3. Cool I’ve been dying to try this place. Thanks for the review.

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