Jan 122012

Tired of fighting with your shape? Why eat healthy and exercise when you can look like you do! These are just a few lines from this video that I found on beauty blog site Beaut.ie, which takes a look at the unrealistic expectations that the beauty industry bombards us with in advertisements.

Although we all know that Photoshop use is rampant in the fashion and beauty industries but this epidemic has spilled out into real life. Many people have Adobe Photoshop in their homes and they use it on photos for their Facebook pages, Twitter images and blog pages. But what happens when reality set it and that reality does not match the expectations created by a Photoshop illusion?

This is a perfect example of magazines using Photoshop to manipulate everything from hair color to the shape of the eyes to the color and texture of skin.

Celebrities before and after photoshop

Celebrities before and after photoshop

Celebrities before and after photoshop

By creating images like this, insecure women choose to use Photoshop to compete with images of perfection that they’re bombarded with. Why not create healthier images of real women with imperfections, real fine lines and real scars? Real people, not just women, have acne, dark circles and cellulite.

How do you feel about the excessive use of Photoshop in photography?

  3 Responses to “You too can look perfect with Fotoshop by Adobé”

  1. They make Eva Mendes look about 20 years younger and give Kim Kardashian an unrealistically perfect body when her own body is already close to perfect. A big danger is that men (straight men that is) look at these images and think it’s attainable. People love to deny it, but they do compare “real “women to these images.

  2. I can’t stand it. They give an image of perfection that clearly doesn’t exist no matter how much money, resources or help the person might have. Girls & women aspire to become the ‘after’ photo which is immediately setting one up for failure. If they’d only run the real images, everybody would feel a heck of a lot better about themselves and the world would still go on.

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