Jan 102012

Avalon Organics Cherry lip balm

As I prepped my kiddies to go to school, I also remind them to have good grooming habits. Yes, I raise my boys to never have ashy hands and to always use lip balm. Taking care of yourself isn’t just for women, men need beauty TLC too! So when I saw that the low temperature in NYC today was 30 degrees, I had to prepare my boys properly. So I reached into my lippy bin and fished out two plain lip balms for my boys to have. This got me thinking about lip balms and how amazingly awesome they are.

Avalon Organic certified USDA organic lip balm

One of my favorite lip balms is from Avalon Organics because it’s not waxy or sticky like chapstick; they feel great on your lips. Avalon Organics is also USDA certified organic – which makes me feel good about using it AND giving it to my kids. The Nourishing Cherry Aloe lip balm contains organic olive and coconut oil to moisturize, organic shea butter to protect against dry lips and Vitamin E to nourish and heal. So there are lots of beneficial ingredients to not only make your lips soft but to keep them that way. This lip balm is also available in Vanilla Rosemary and Peppermint Green Tea which both sound heavenly, mmm!  I relish the company’s’ commitment to consciousness which really resonates with me, this is a statement is from the Avalon Organics website:

Our commitment to Consciousness in Cosmetics creates a larger vision that encompasses us all. Our goal is to honor the body with consciousness. This vision is alive and continually expanding and we are all a part of it. Five distinct elements comprise Consciousness in Cosmetics: Purity and Safety, Sustainability, Products that Work, Sensuality and Personal Choice.

PURITY & SAFETY – “Consciousness of Ingredient Purity”
We only use ingredients that we trust, knowing that they can be absorbed directly into the body through the skin. We relentlessly seek out and use ingredients that are purer, more natural or organic, creating products that are safer to use.

Unfortunately this lip balm doesn’t contain any SPF but it does have a subtle cherry scent that’s mildly intoxicating, if your into cherry scents that is. BUT you can now also sing “I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick..” without actually kissing a girl, unless you’re into that type of thing, then I totally support that! Plus is only $2.99 which makes lip balm one of the most awesome, useful and affordable beauty products out there. So go ahead and make your lips taste like cherry. ;)

Have you tried Avalon Organics lip balm?

  5 Responses to “Getting Lippy: Avalon Organics Nourishing Cherry Aloe Organic Lip Balm”

  1. That’s so good. Too many men walk around with dry cracked hands because nobody taught them to moisturize!

  2. I love organic skincare & I’m always looking for non-waxy minty flavored lip balms. Definitely going to try this!

  3. I have this lip balm and it is one my absolute favorites! What a good Mama :)

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