Dec 282011

Equinox Spa in Manhattam, NYC

The holidays were so amazing this year, I honestly could not have asked for anything more. On New Year’s Eve I celebrated Noche Buena with my family and then Christmas Day with my in-laws. And while I’m not at all a religious person, I do enjoy most holidays because they bring everyone closer and people are generally in better moods. The season is beautiful but hectic, especially when you’re entertaining at home. For the past week I’ve been running around picking up gifts, mailing cards and picking up items for dinner and I’m such a procrastinator and almost always wait until the last-minute. But this holiday season it wasn’t all about the gifts, just really great times with my loved ones.

For the past eight Christmas holidays my wife and I have spoiled one another with gifts and of course birthdays, valentines days, anniversaries and the like are filled with sparkly baubles, weekend getaways and lots of wine. And after eight years with the same person how many more material things can you give each other? So my wife and I decided that we would get one another one gift and that we would focus the holiday on our boys. Well my wife, Jay, totally had me fooled. She surprised me on Christmas morning with spa gift card for Equinox Spa. You see she remembered that I said “the best facial that I ever had been at Equinox” and that was so special that she listened to what I had to say-instead of just staring at my boobs. :)

tea and relaxation at equinox spa

Jay knows how much I love Equinox not only because it’s my gym but also because I consider it my Temple of Well-being. There is such a dedication to customer service, the facilities are always impeccably clean and the staff is great. Plus I’m in love with their eucalyptus steam rooms! I wanted to relax a bit before my spa appointment so I made sure to arrive thirty minutes before my appointment. The lounge is very zen and there is nothing like sipping on some herbal tea, listening to ambient music and relaxing with the latest Gotham Mag before getting a massage.

I enjoyed a facial and a Swedish massage and I even let the masseuse massage my feet. I hate my feet being touched. Yes, weird but true, my feet are ticklish and I’m not a fan of getting pedicures. In this case I made an exception, relaxed and enjoyed the masseuse working all of the kinks out of my back. My facial was even more enjoyable, especially the fact that my face was steamed for most of the facial. Using steam helps to free dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. It also helps to moisturize the skin and allow the skin to better absorb the products used; plus it feels really good. Spending time at the spa was a welcome distraction after all of the holiday madness. How did you unwind after the holidays?

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