Dec 062011

November Eco Emi box

I signed up for Eco-Emi and I just received my first box, the November Holiday Box. If you’re not familiar with Eco-Emi, it’s like Birchbox but for eco/green girls. Each subscriber receives a minimum of five to ten samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly or Fair Trade perfectly packaged samples delivered right to your door. Now that I’ve been using mostly natural or organic products (because I believe that natural is best), I get to explore a whole new world of beauty brands!

When I first came across the Eco-Emi website and read the “About” section and I was really touched. This program was created by a woman named Christine who lost her pet to what she (and I) believe are toxins in her dogs’ food. Ultimately her dog passed away but I could really relate to what she was saying about doctors not always listening to patients concerns and how natural methods are well worth exploring. I loved her story and I loved what her sampling program was doing so I was on board immediately. Unfortunately there was a brief waiting period so but I received my first Eco-Emi last week. Here is what the November Eco-Emi box contained:

Ohh La La organic Lip Shimmer by Keeki Pure and Simple – this lip balm was a regular full-size that you would normally purchase. This lip balm provides a very sheer shimmer and is infused with minerals and a hint of mint and vanilla.

Candy Mint Foot Cream by Deep Steep & Royal Labs Inc. – a sample size packet that you can use once; it felt tingly but not enough of a sample or wow factor to say whether I’d buy it again.

Keeki Pure and Deep Steep and Royal Labs

Sunlight Eye Shadow by Earth’s Beauty – It’s a loose mineral eye shadow in a regular size as well and there is certainly enough product for multiple uses. Personally I’m not a fan of loose makeup because it’s just too messy but this is a nice natural option if you enjoy mineral makeup.

Refine face mask by Blissoma – a sample sized amount in a little plastic pot, I was able to get about two uses out of it. So far I loved it and think that it’s worth exploring a full-sized tube. It’s a creamy clay mask that seemed to have beads in that melted away upon application.

Shea Butter Cream by Planet Botanicals – A small pot of 20% shea butter that is said to be lightly scented with rose geranium and lavender, the scent of lavender was pretty strong but intensely hydrating. If you have dry hands this would be a good option because it’s insanely hydrating.

Planet Botanicals, Blissoma and Earth's Beauty

Dark Chocolate by Sweetriot 12 – What can you say about dark chocolate? You either love it or you don’t. What’s different about this chocolate is that it’s VEGAN so there are no dairy ingredients used. It’s also low in sugar and, gluten-free and kosher. They come in two flavors either cacao nibs and raisins or blend of dark chocolate and crunchy cacao; I had the latter. These are worth exploring a bit more, very tasty.

Button from Soul Flower – This tiny eco-friendly, Boho-style button is cute if you’re into that type of thing, I’m not.

Dark Chocolate by Sweetriot 12 and Button by Soul Flower

Wild Mint Shampoo & Conditioner by Organic Excellence – this duo is said to moisturize, maintain a healthy pH balance, prevent hair loss, stimulate growth and protect against UV rays and air pollution. The sample size was supposed to be enough for one shampoo but I have full curly hair and I usually wash my hair twice so it wasn’t enough. From the one wash that I was able to get from it didn’t leave my hair “squeaky” clean. I HATE that feeling, my hair feels like straw when that happens. So I was presently surprised that it left my hair decently moisturized prior to adding conditioner. Due to the said benefits I think this is worth exploring further, so I’ll order a full size product to test it out a bit more.

Vanilla & Sweet Orange Essential Mist by Hugo – This is a linen spray that can also be used on your skin; it’s a handcrafted blend of purified water and essential oils. This was the first item that I tried, and if you enjoy warm scents then you would love this. it a subtle blend of vanilla and orange that smells so delicious.

Hugo Vanilla and Orange Essential Mist

So I’m on board for a few more subscriptions (paid in advance) and I’m excited to see what else is in store. Like I said I tried Birchbox and I think it’s a great program however there was just not enough “freshness” to it for me. I like to try new products that I haven’t heard of and at least half of the products that I received in my six-month membership were not new to me. I’m hoping that Eco-Emi offers a wide variety of products each month so that I always get to try something new. Overall I think it’s well worth the $15 fee. Have you tried Eco-Emi?

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