Guest Post: Fall and Winter 2011 Makeup Trends

 Posted by on November 10, 2011
Nov 102011

The world of fashion is coming alive with the upcoming fall 2011 and winter 2012 season. The time has come to dump out the old to welcome the new. Since the fall 2011 clothing has a focus this year on dark neutrals and black shades of fabric, the best fall makeup features lots of fun autumn colors to spice things up. the following items are the current trends, but they also follow some of the same fall makeup rules seen each year-a return to deeper, richer colors to accentuate the same deeper richer looks that are always seen in fall fashion.

Red lipstick is the little black dress: It never goes out of style. Fall and winter makeup trends are focusing on a burnt, bold, red lip, abandoning the bright, breezy pinks of spring. Deep plums and rich burgundies are perfect during the fall 2011 season. Soft pinks and corals are also great for a more toned-down look. True, bright red is what it’s all about for the fall and are best when paired with neutral eyes. Vibrant reds are all the glamour, whether it’s lipsticks or lip liners. Rich, warm gold and wine colors have also been seen on the runway, giving an urban, modern look.

Fall Winter 2011 cat eye and red lip makeup trend

Eyes are going to be smoky with long lashes and strong eyebrows. Metallic, dusty colors in hues of green, red or orange are a favorite. Urban Decay has a great palettes to create this daring look. Lashes will be long and flattering. Make sure to use the right type of mascara to get those meticulously placed lashes. Liquid liners will help to give that natural look. A dramatic eye coupled with bright red lips, however, is not the way to go. Pick one feature to accentuate at a time in order to appear dramatic without looking overdone.

The cat eye has been abundant on the runway. This new look entails smudging eye shadow to create the look of an elongated eye, like a cat. This has a mysterious, enigmatic effect. Alternatively, eyeliner can be used on the top of the eye, creating the cat eye look. It is essential to use high quality make up brushes when applying make up, it really makes a difference.

Nails will be the same, rich, heavy, smoky wines and blues that have been seen the past few years, but even some really beautiful nude colors have been seen on the runway. So if you are tired of the dark shades, try out a lovely neutral or nude for a change. Nails this year often have been short and trimmed into round shapes.

Fall and Winter 2011 nail trends

Skincare is of utmost importance. Above all of the fall makeup trends and dramatic looks lay a natural glow. Sometimes, just a touch of foundation, concealer, mascara and blush are needed to underscore a simple, feminine, earthy, romantic look. Compliment skin by using soft peaches, pinks and tans for blush or look for a fantastic rose gold blush. Rosy cheeks have rolled over from summer right into the fall.

Fragrance must also never be overlooked. Sensuous, spicy, musky scents like are replacing the light ones of the summer.

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