Oct 302011

Halloween Zombie and Vampure makeup tips

While most of the year’s makeup is governed by the most flattering looks for your natural features appropriate to the situation at hand (vibrant neutrals for work or shimmery shades for night), Halloween is one time of year where experimentation is not only acceptable, but the boundaries are endless.

And while costumes of many varieties are popular this year, vampires and zombies are both having a massive moment right now. TV hits like “True Blood” and “The Walking Dead” have influenced the trends to be sure (and horror-themed shows like “American Horror Story” seem to be cropping up everywhere) but these two creatures of the night are Halloween mainstays.

Although both zombies and vampires are technically dead, the makeup variations are significant, if subtle. Vampires are credited with eternal youth and sex appeal, while zombies are often a bit more disheveled and less glam. But either look can be fun and sexy- here are a few tips for gorgeous Halloween vampire makeup or stunning zombie look.


Vampires are a bit easier than their undead siblings zombies, but you can still rock out the look for a Halloween party or other zombie-themed event and look fab. One of the key components of zombie makeup is smudgy eye makeup- the smudgier the better. The fluidity of the ultra-kohl-y eye can be enhanced with shimmer, and colors like army green, sparkly grays and shimmer-enhanced carbon colors can add to the dark, imprecise appeal. Dior’s Gris-Gris palette is a good, steely base for a zombie eye, or try Make Up For Ever’s Iridescent Acid Green for brighter undead eye makeup.

Green is a key component of the sicklier walking dead look zombies are associated with it, and it’s definitely a look you can use to play up this fun and flattering if not always wearable color. A greenish cast is also common for base zombie makeup, but the key is a solid matte base. Applying a full coverage powder foundation like MAC Studio Fix over your base will create the shine and blush-free canvas necessary (zombies don’t blush) and a brown blush like Mattese’s Penny can be used to contour below cheekbones and create a more undead look.

Lips are more variable for a zombie look, and a neutral lip base like MAC’s Stripdown will keep you from looking really dead. A sheer, shimmer top coat like Urban Decay’s Drizzle adds healthy shine without color.


Zombies may offer a bit more opportunity for creativity in the way of bruises or wounds, but a vampire look lets you expose your inner dominatrix. If you’re a fan of “True Blood,” Pam is the perfect modern muse when decked out in her Fangtasia garb.

Vampires, like zombies, are associated with a paler appearance, but the look doesn’t mean you should wash yourself out with a lighter than normal color. A very-matte version of your basic base should suffice, and you can use a stage-quality foundation like Max Factor’s Pan-Cake for a flawless, vampy base.

You may not want to utilize blush for a believable vamp face, but a powder shimmer like Stila’s All Over Shimmer powder is great for this look on cheek and brow bones. A liquid liner like Hourglass Script Precision  drawn sharply over a neutral eye is perfectly vampy, and play up mascara to enhance the glamour.

As for lips, there’s really only one way to go for a sexy vampire look- red. Start again with a neutral base like Stripdown, filling in the entire lip to provide an all-over even surface. Follow with a deep, nuanced red like Bobbi Brown Burnt Red to complete the look.

Have you planned your pretty zombie or sexy vampire look for Halloween? What’s your strategy going to be?

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