Oct 272011

Beauty internship with Christian Dior
If you an aspiring beauty marketing professional here is the dream internship of a lifetime.. a four-week internship at Christian Dior Perfumes headquarters in New York. Now while you’re grabbing your resumes and getting ready to submit I have to let you know that it’s gonna cost you. Yes, You read it right, this UNPAID internship is going to cost you money. You see Christian Dior Perfumes is having an auction where the best candidate the highest bidder gets the privilege of grabbing Starbucks for the office for free!

On the positive, 100% of the fees collected from this auction will go to Look Good…Feel Better, an organization dedicated to helping women deal with the appearance related effects of cancer and its treatment. So although this internship is going to cost a pretty penny, it does benefit a really good cause. At the present time the current bid is $1,205, but I’m sure that the price will go up much higher before the auction ends on Halloween.

So would you pay to intern at your dream company?


  2 Responses to “Want a beauty internship with Dior? It’s gonna cost you!”

  1. what in the world??? they already say that unpaid internships aren’t fair because so many who need internships to get jobs can’t afford to do free ones, now you have to bid thousands in order to secure an unpaid internship O_o who decided THIS was a good idea?

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