Oct 252011

Some days just call for a sparkly nail polish and today was one of them. My day seemed like a whirlwind of activity but not much seemed to get done and barely an item was checked off of my to-do list. So obviously I needed some cheer-me-up nail polish to change my mood.

Butter London Nail Polish No More waity Katie swatch

I looked through my vanity and there she was No More Waity, Katie from butter LONDON! I’ve had my eye on this color since it was released in honor of the royal wedding and I’ve held it in my beauty arsenal for a few months. You know, in case of emergency. Well today was that “emergency”. I desperately needed a little pick me up.

The color is described as “...a soft, elegant greige shade with a splash of lilac glitter for the perfect marriage to combine fashion and fun.”

Butter London No More waity Katie swatch

No More Waity, Katie is really a beautiful glitter polish; the lilac glitter is muted and not at all overpowering. From afar the color doesn’t even appear to be a glitter polish because the miniscule flecks of glitter. The polish applies fairly sheer so it took three coats to achieve some opacity. I’ve read on other blogs that it takes about four coats to achieve 100% opacity but that’s a bit much for me. The polish consistency was a bit thicker than I expected so I stuck with three three.

The color is so beautiful so I’d love to give it another try but I’ll let a professional nail tech handle that!

  3 Responses to “Looking Polished: butter LONDON in No More Waity, Katie”

  1. Obviously! Haha. there are no problems when you have pretty nails – it’s a fact!

  2. This would go with my crazy purple eye makeup I did today haha. Love the color.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    xoxo Heather

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