Falling in love with Shiseido Fall 2011 Makeup

 Posted by on October 20, 2011
Oct 202011

Shiseido Fall 2011 makeup collection

I was invited to a press preview for Shiseido Fall 2011 Collection at the Cooper Square Hotel in New York City. We were provided with iPods to listen to a guided audio and visual tour of new products. Each numbered station had an accompanying audio track on the iPod and even a video with Shiseido’s Artistic Director Dick Page. I swatched eyeshadows and heard exciting details about Future Solution LX Ultimate Regenerating Serum which counteracts all signs of aging. And who couldn’t use a little anti-aging serum?

Shiseido FUTURE SOLUTION LX Ultimate Regenerating Serum

For me the highlight of the collection was Shiseido’s shimmering cream eye color. I have a major weakness for cream eyeshadows because they are so easy to blend and you really don’t need any tools, except for your fingers! I can usually apply them pretty quickly so they’re great when I’m short on time and I want to wear a little makeup. Cream shadows are also usually richly pigmented so they can really add a little drama, the beauty kind of course. ;)

Shiseido Shimmering eye cream eye shadow

At the end of the preview we were given the option to choose three eyeshadows’ to take home. It was a touch choice because they were all so stunning but I went with Moss, Angel and Purple Dawn. I normally don’t wear blue but Angel but the teal tone just drew me in. The Moss color is a great everyday earth tone that I can wear to the office and Purple Dawn is just perfect for an evening out on the town.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Moss, Patina and Purple Dawn

I have completely fallen in love with this shimmering eye creams, the spread across the eyelid effortlessly and they last forever. I rarely use primer when I’m in a rush and these eye creams lasted all day without creasing. Have you tried Shiseido’s Shimmering Cream Eye Colors? If so which color?

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  1. I haven’t used these but I do love Shiseido products. Sounds like a sweet event, especially with the swag to take home.

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