Review: Splurge Body Rub “The Rub”

 Posted by on October 18, 2011
Oct 182011

Splurge Body Rub "The Rub"

Lately I’ve been a spending more and more time looking at natural and organic beauty products. So when I found a new company named Splurge Skincare that makes all natural beauty products I decided to give them a try. One product in particular caught my eye and it’s called “The Rub”. As you may have guessed “The Rub” is a body scrub. With body scrubs it can really be hit or miss, sometimes there’s too much oil and sometimes there’s simply not enough.

The consistency of “The Rub” is quite thick, so you won’t waste any product. This scrub is sugar based with organic safflower oil and meadowfoam oil. Both Safflower oil and meadowfoam oil are great for dry skin because they acts as a protective barrier preventing water from leaving your skin. Add these key ingredients to shea butter, aloe and vitamin E and this is a super moisturizing power packed scrub. This is a course scrub, not like the fine grainy scrubs that you use on your face so I DO NOT use this on your lady parts.

Splurge Skincare The Rub Peppermint Scrub

After using the scrub my legs felt relaxed, I gave myself a bit of a calf massage in the shower. Afterwards my skin felt more moisturized and I didn’t need to use any lotion. The scrub has just the right about oil so my skin was left with a soft glowing polish to it. The peppermint scent is light, refreshing and not overwhelming, it’s slightly sweet and a bit tingly.

It’s a nice scrub for whipping dry skin into shape. Plus it’s all natural so you know that there aren’t toxic ingredients that can potentially harm your skin. Have you tried any Splurge Skincare products?

Splurge Skincare, The Rub, $26

Disclosure: The product featured in this review was provided for editorial consideration. Receipt of this product did not guarantee review and all opinions are my own.


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