Getting Personal: I saw Tim Gunn!

 Posted by on October 17, 2011
Oct 172011
Tim Gunn New York City

Tim Gunn and some lady who is not me.

The great thing about New York City (besides everything) is that you never know who you will see. I was just at the Hotel Gansevoort last week while Kourtney Kardashian was there and now as I’m knocking tourists out-of-the-way en route to my favorite breakfast spot, who do I see? Tim Fucking Gunn.

I’m a huge fan of Tim Gunn because not only does he have great style but he’s so charismatic. He’s not the typical fashion asshole that makes a living off of making fun of people on TV. He actually offers practical advice in a kind-hearted way. In other words Tim Gunn is my fashion hero.

So I cross the street to obviously get a Twitpic of Tim and his team asked me to ask him a question. So here goes nothing. What am I going to ask Tim fucking Gunn? So I play the mommy card and ask him what does a stylish mom wear on the weekend besides jeans. And wait for it….Tim Gunn said that I had great style. Well not exactly in those words, he told me that he loved my cropped pea coat, my handbag and he said that I obviously wasn’t afraid of prints. I get it Tim, I can read between the lines, great style.

So yes folks, I’m going to be on TV. First the New York Times and now this. I have no idea when this will air and I have no idea which show this is for because in the frenzy of all of my Tim Gunn happiness I signed some waiver and didn’t bother to ask any information. Doh! So if you see me be sure to let me know I’m still on cloud nine.

Tim, call me!


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