Oct 142011

goody double wear accessories

I’m a sucker for pretty things, cute headbands, pretty barrettes, simple ponytail holders. So when I received these Goody Double Wear elastics in my Lucky FABB gift bag I was head over heels. I like my hair accessories to be functional yet fashionable and these fall into that category. When stacked these hair bands make pretty bracelets so you get a wonderful double duty beauty item.

Good double wear ponytailer bracelet review

Good double wear ponytailer bracelet close up review

Good double wear ponytailer bracelet close up review

I love wearing them as a bracelet so much that I haven’t even used them in my hair yet. I’d love to get six more bracelets to stack them all together for a great weekend look.

Would you use these bands for a bracelet, a ponytail or both?

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  1. Where can you purchase the Goody doublewear ponytail/bracelets?

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