Oct 122011

 Yesterday I attended a wonderful media breakfast with Glamour Magazine and Essie Weingarten of essie Cosmetics at TenOverTen Nail Salon in New York City. We previewed the Essie Winter 2011 nail color collection and were treated to manicured and mimosa’s. The Winter 2011 collection is inspired by jewelry and who doesn’t love that?

Essie nail polish Winter 2011 collection

Essie Cosmetics Winter 2011 collection

Like any great accessory, jewelry makes a statement. So I say, the bigger the better! Whether you wear rings, bangles, pendants or brooches—size matters!” says Essie Weingarten, founder of essie cosmetics. The same is true with color for Winter 2011—the bolder the better.

Essie cocktail bling swatch

Cocktail Bling

Out of the collection loved Bangle Jangle and Cocktail Bling. It was a touch choice but I ended up going for Essie’s Cocktail Bling which is a nod to the lavish jewels worn at holiday parties. The color is a gorgeous soft smokey grey with a hint of purple.

What do you think of the Essie Winter 2011 collection?

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