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olive oil and coconut oil hair treatment

When I was a little girl I always admired my mom’s long luxurious jet black locks. Her hair grew so long and so quickly after every haircut and it was always so soft. We didn’t really share hair products so I asked her what she used to condition her hair and she said “I use olive oil, it’s the best conditioner that you can use for dry hair”. And from then on I used olive oil as a hot oil treatment whenever my hair felt dry.

But then came the all of the products. It seemed like every time I looked there was a new revolutionary product on the market. So over the years I tried many conditioners, serums, treatments and the like. If they smelled great, promised amazing results or if it was something new, I wanted to try it. I had abandoned my hot oil treatments, so I had to remind myself of why I began using natural oils and I did a bit of research to refresh my memory.

Olive oil is a natural product that’s great for hair and here’s what it can do:

  • Treat dandruff
  • Has been used to treat head lice
  • Help prevent hair loss
  • Is rich mono-unsaturated fatty acids and the antioxidant vitamin E, which moisturize dry hair

Another great natural oil that I’ve used in my diet and in my hair is coconut oil. Coconut oil is also so great for your hair for similar reasons that olive oil is beneficial:

  • Coconut oil help hair retain it moisture, preventing breakage.
  • Coconut oil prevents dandruff
  • Is said the prevent hair loss. Coconut oil contains Lauric Acid and Capric Acid which fights microbial action that often causes hair loss.

olive oil and coconut oil hair treatment for dry hair

So going back to basics I like to create my own hot oil treatment. I like to take a bit of my mother’s wisdom and combine that with coconut oil to create an excellent deep conditioning treatment. This works wonders for dry, brittle hair. Even if your hair is really dry you will really appreciate this treatment. Here is a simple recipe that I use to condition my hair, it can be adjusted to suit your needs and can be made without fragrance.

Coconut Oil and Olive Oil – Hot Oil Treatment:

  • 1/8 cup unrefined coconut oil
  • 1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil (cold-pressed if possible)
  • 2-3 drops sage and jojoba oil

Depending on the length of your hair you may have more than enough treatment for your hair so use just enough without leaving your hair oily looking. Wash and towel dry your hair. Place the mixture in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 15 seconds. Apply most at the ends, less in the middle and a little on the roots and scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on to soak in for 20-30 minutes and then wash again.

I like to keep a towel around my shoulders while I wait because the oil tends to drip. A small price to pay for super soft luxurious hair!

Do you use natural hot oil treatments to condition your hair?

  3 Responses to “Natural Beauty: Olive Oil and Coconut Oil for deep conditioning your hair”

  1. Thanks for sharing this great recipie. I love having long hair but its very dry. The conditioners and treatments I’ve purchased don’t seem to do anything to help. I’ll give this a try. I think finding this blog was a litttle miracle. I was at dinner with friends the other night and one of the women said the same thing about coconut oil. Since I’ve never used it I was a little skeptical. Reading this added a bit more confirmation and is probably a message directly from the universe to fix my fuzzy hair.

    May even send you a before and after photo.

  2. I love homemade beauty treatments like this. My aunt used to use coconut oil on her hair too and now she’s in her 50’s, yet she has jet black hair.

  3. You might as well add up aloe vera plant extract. I guess it boosts the said tip you have here. My grandma has been using this since and I can see that her hair is indeed fabulous up to this age of hers. Just suggesting.

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