Fall 2011 nail trend: Easy DIY nail art

 Posted by on October 2, 2011
Oct 022011

I don’t know what it is about nail designs but I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with them. When I saw that nail art was a huge Fall 2011 nail trend I was a bit hesitant at first. I work in corporate America so nail art is not something that I can wear on a daily basis, but on the weekends I love to play with polish to see what colors I love and the manicures that I can create. I’m not usually an over the top girl but something sparkly is always fun!

While at the drugstore I came across some Kiss Catwalk In-Style Designs for nails and toes. Now I’ve had my eye on some loose crystals used for nail designs but this seemed much easier. You simply peel, apply and polish. How easy is that?

Kiss Catwalk in-style designs for nails and toes

My test subject nail color was Zoya Petra from the Fall 2011 collection.  This is a perfect Fall shade that Zoya describes as dark, smoky, dusky grey creme with strong purple undertones. This color is rich, creamy and opaque, it became an instant favorite the moment that I swatched it.

Zoya Fall 2011 nail polish in Petra

After applying my normal base + two coats of nail polish, I let my nails dry and got ready for the decals. I’m testing out the “crystal” designs first even though the florals are so pretty. The decals are made are constructed well and the colors are vibrant. Application was very easy, just be sure to place the decal exactly where you want it because if you remove it, it will lose some of it’s sticky backing.

Kiss catwalk in-style designs manicure accessories

So here I applied just a few crystals to the side of my nail bed in a triangular pattern. I think next time I might just apply the crystals on just one finger. But overall I liked how they turned out. If you’re unable to create your own designs from scratch this is the perfect option.

zoya petra nail art







What do you think of the nail art trend? Have you tried this at home?

  4 Responses to “Fall 2011 nail trend: Easy DIY nail art”

  1. thank you nicole…love the crystals…:)

  2. I love the crystal design! Reminds me of polka dots that are well done and not in your face (can you tell I’m not a huge polka dot fan?).

  3. Looks amazing.

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