Oct 012011

molton brown relaxing yuan zhi bath and shower wash

After a long day at the office, running errands or the sheer exhaustion of watching reality TV you just want to relax. Whatever the occasion you should always be prepared with a well-equipped bathroom arsenal of body cleansing products.

Water is cleansing and rejuvenating but it still needs a little help to get the job done. So why not get creative? I like to add an element of aromatherapy, light a candle or use a fragrant shower wash.

Well while at Barney’s I received a deluxe sample of Molton Brown’s Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath and Shower Wash and I just had to try it out. This body wash has an interesting blend of Yuan Zhi, ylang ylang, mango oil and vitamin E which are combined to help de-stress the mind and moisturize the body. Most shower washes smell great, that’s really a given but this wash smells fantastic. If you like soft relaxing scents then you will appreciate the Vanilla and ylang ylang and with a hint of rose. The wash is fragrantly beautiful without being overly perfume-y, it’s a fine line and Molton Brown gets it right.

Using this body wash felt so luxurious! I really cannot get over the scent it’s really perfect for a relaxing evening. The body wash lathered lightly and rinsed clean leaving my skin soft and smooth. It’s not overly moisturizing but it provides a noticeable amount, but not enough to skip your lotion! Overall I loved it and would absolutely but this shower wash.

Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath and Shower Wash ($28) at Barneys.com

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