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Sometimes you just have to unleash your inner child and when it comes to makeup, Tokidoki is just the brand to do it. I saw Hercolino aka Little Hercules at Sephora and he is part of Tokidoki’s latest cosmetic confection, The Hercolino Cromatico Palette. This dual-door designed palette opens up to six powder eyeshadows infused with vitamins and Japanese rice lipids. Fancy.

Tokidoki Hercolino Cromatico Palette

The colors in this Tokidoki palette are:

  • Profumo (matte dusty rose)
  • Elettica (sparkling gray green)
  • Ippo (dark purple)
  • Lion Pappa (pearlized bronze)
  • Patatino (cream)
  • Hercolino (pearlized chocolate brown)

Out of the six shades, Hercolino is my favorite, I love the deep shimmery chocolate color. So pretty. I’ve used tokidoki before and their eyeshadows apply smoothly and appear sheer at first but the colors are very buildable. Personally I prefer a more sheer look but if I want to play my eyes up a bit more at least I have some options. Lion Pappa is my second favorite shade from this palette, it’s the perfect highlighter and a great option to pair with Hercolino.

Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino palette

Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette Lion Pappa, Hercolino, Patatino

Tokidoki always has detailed eye-catching artwork, I can appreciate that. It’s kind of like scribbling in your notebook during high school, only prettier. In the middle of the palette there is a small key chain fob of Hercolino (Little Hercules) adorned with crown with the tokidoki heart and crossbones. The palette also comes housed inside a plastic pouch that can double as an extra makeup bag if you decide not to store your palette in it. These extra’s alone make this already affordable palette well worth the purchase.

Royal Pride Hercolino Palette: A eye shadow palette decorated with a tokidoki safari print.

Overall this was one of my favorite palettes, it’s a great value and lots of fun. What is your favorite color from this palette?

Tokidoki Royal Pride Hercolino Palette, $28

  5 Responses to “Review and Swatches: The Tokidoki Hercolino Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. Oh, I love Tokidoki! Thanks for featuring this. I have to visit the mall to look for this. I’d like to try Elettica and I want the keychain! LOL

  2. Fun palette! I like the three neutrals on the right (not a big surprise for me, lol). I’ve heard some negative things about Tokidoki’s saturation. What do you think about it?

    • Very fun palette! I’ve found that their product give good saturation and blend well. Just curious – which product did you hear negative things about?

  3. The Patitino is my favorite. Overall, the pallete looks fun.

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