Looking Polished: Mermaid Nails Interpreted

 Posted by on August 27, 2011
Aug 272011

One of the biggest nail trends for Fall 2011 is nail art. Now I’ll admit that in the past I have not been a huge fan of nail art but I’ve come across a few DIY nail designs that are simply too irresistible to pass up trying at home. One design that I fell for was the Mermaid Nails design posted on Cupcakes and Cashmere. My take on this nail tutorial is to swap out the blue glitter for gold and try the design on all of my nails.

Dior Vernis St tropez and Duri nail polish in all that glitters

Dior Vernis in St. Tropez and Duri Nail Polish in All That Glitters

Step 1. Apply base coat, let dry.

Step 2. Apply watery-blue color of your choice, I chose Dior Vernis in St. Tropez.

Step 3.  Add topcoat to glitter nail polish in a dish and apply mixture to the bottom half of your nail bed. (I wanted more graduated rather than intense gold sparkles ).

Duri nail polish in All that Glitters

Step 4. Apply top coat and enjoy!

Mermaid nails Fall 2011 nail trends and nail polish

Final result!

I’m still working on technique but so far I love it the combination of the a bit of glitter on top of a soft blue. Very beach-y and a perfect way to transition out of Summer into Fall. Would you give this nail trend a try?

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