Looking Polished: China Glaze in 2Nite

 Posted by on August 6, 2011
Aug 062011

China Glaze nail polish in 2nite

Today’s Looking Polished post is dedicated to China Glaze in 2Nite from the OMG collection. The shade 2Nite is deep Cornflower Blue with holographic prism effect. In the sunlight this color gives a beautiful rainbow effect.

Now I must admit that blue is not exactly my favorite shade in a nail polish but lately I’ve fallen for this color. In the right shade of blue nail polish you can have a modern yet elegant manicure. In fact one of my favorite colors of the moment is St-Tropez, a beautiful blue/green summer shade.

China Glaze 2nite from OMG collection

The polish application was fairly smooth but two coats are needed to give an solid finish, which is not uncommon with most polishes. The formula dries very quickly which is a plus.

I’m sorry to spread the bad news but this line was discontinued last year so maybe you can catch it on eBay.

How do you feel about glittery nail polish?

  2 Responses to “Looking Polished: China Glaze in 2Nite”

  1. I like blue nail polish in summertime, especially in a pedicure for the beach. The name, St. Tropez, would suggest the brand feels the same way!

  2. Thats a really pretty color! I love sparkles!

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