Jul 302011

In New York City, temperatures have reached well into the hundred degree range and let’s not even talk about the humidity. So like many NY ladies, I have to adjust my beauty routine to go with the weather. As you can imagine this weather has not been conducive to wearing makeup but when we do there are many much-needed touch-ups throughout the day. To go with or without makeup, that is the question!

Well on super hot days like we’ve experienced, I wear a just a little lip gloss and mascara or sometimes just some great sunblock.  So whether at the beach, the pool or the office, I like to stock my tote, not with makeup but with some other much-needed beauty products. So without further adieu, here are my fave five products and why I love them so much!

Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Sunblock Spray

1. Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Sunblock Spray – As I’m sure you’ve heard before, sunblock is pretty important to protect your fragile skin against the suns harmful UV rays.  And since we all NEED to use sunscreen, it should be relatively easy to apply, mess-free and convenient to tote. Right? Well that’s why I choose this particular Aveeno sunblock because the spray allows for a super easy application where your hands stay clean but it also provides UVA/UVB protection. Nope, this is not your basic sunblock. It’s easy breezy, dermatologist recommended, Vitamin E delivering waterproof fun in a can. So congrats Aveeno, you get a gold star.

Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream Targeted Sun Defense Stick, SPF 50

2. Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream Targeted Sun Defense Stick, SPF 50 – Your face needs special attention and while the above mentioned aveeno spray can be applied to your face, I prefer something a bit more targeted, if you know what I mean! So I use a separate product especially formulated to protect the skin on my face. Now I’m sure that you want your the product that goes on your face to be noncomedogenic, oil-free and lightweight. Right? Enter Elizabeth Arden with a light formula that won’t clog your pores, won’t cause breakouts and is oil free. It glides across your face smoothly without feeling sticky, you hardly notice it’s on. Bravo! I can now face the sun without fear of wrinkles!

Avène Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water

3. Avène Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water – My next pick is yes, spring water. And while this “water” may be delicious, it’s not for drinking. Trust me, you are going to WANT to do this. If you own this spray, grab your Avène and put it in the fridge for a few minutes and then spray your face. INSANE. Best feeling in the world! Now when I first tried Avène I was hooked because it felt great AND it was actually clinically proven to calm and soften skin. In this heat a fine mist of cool water is like heaven is a can. Seriously.

Goody silver filagree hair clip

4. A gorgeous hair clip, aka hair jewelry – Yes, it’s hot but that’s no reason to look a hot mess. With humidity running rampant we have to tame our tresses the best way that we can and a chic up-do is a great option. I like to stock up on pretty clips and barrettes because a nice hair accessory can instantly glamorize a dull do. I came across this chic little filigree number in Duane Reade and instantly fell in love with it, now I can put my hair up on the go with this pretty little thing!

Yes to Carrots Natural Glow Facial Towelettes

5. Yes to Carrots Natural Glow Facial Towelettes – Before your makeup begins to run down your glamorous face, you may want to grab one of these towelettes to freshen up. Afterall why grab a tissue when you can cleanse your face with organic cucumber and aloe vera. Admit it, it even sounds glamorous. These babies are water based and you don’t need to rinse your face off after use. Because let’s face it ladies, when you’re on the train or at the beach fixing your makeup, you’re not going to want to use any of the bathrooms nearby.

Now I’ve spilled what I’ve toted around all summer, what about you?

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