Jul 242011

Raw organic carrot juice

Kate Moss once said “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”, well sorry Kate Moss you got it wrong. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

I believe beauty is inside job, it’s not only important to take care of yourself on the outside but it’s also essential to take good care of yourself on the inside. After all how can I care so deeply about what I put on my mouth and not care what I put inside of it?

I always knew that it was important to eat my fruits and veggies but it wasn’t until I tried an Organic Raw Food Juice cleanse that my life changed. In my teen years and in my twenties I was literally able to eat anything and not gain an once and not have any cellulite. Well in my thirties I had a rude awakening, eating junk food literally made me sick to my stomach.

After a bit of research I decided to try a juice cleanse. I thought that raw food would make me sick or having me running to the bathroom but boy was I wrong, it was the best decisions that I’ve made in a long time. After three days on the juice cleanse I felt energetic, my skin glowed and I had no tummy troubles at all!

So if you’d like to give juicing a try, I recommend starting with carrots. Carrots are naturally sweet and Carrot juice provides one the richest sources of Vitamin A. People that are Vitamin A deficient may notice dry, scaly skin on their arms and legs, weakness, intestinal disorders and a whole host of other health problems. Juicing can help super-charge your body with these much-needed nutrients, a beauty food indeed!

Carrot juice also has very good anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous and anti-aging properties. Carrots contain Carotene which has been shown to have great anti-aging effects. Along with the mentioned beta-carotene, carrots also contain Vitamins C, B, E, D and K, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, aluminum, sodium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc and lots of other minerals. With all of these healthy benefits it became obvious that I needed to pay attention to my body on the inside, and my body thanks me.

What healthy thing have you done for yourself today?

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  1. I LOVE carrots! Just toady I got 5 pounds of organic carrots!

    Thank you for such a great article. It is simple and informative. Raw food is truly beauty food and I tell folks that on a raw food diet they will get a natural raw glow that makeup cannot beat.

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