Sunday Morning Beauty Rituals: Mud Mask

 Posted by on July 17, 2011
Jul 172011

Sunday Morning Beauty Rituals

These past few weeks have been extremely difficult for me between balancing my job, my relationship, kids, visiting my terminally ill father…I’ve had a lot on my plate. Life can come at you fast and if you’re not prepared it can knock you off your feet. So this Sunday I’m very happy to partake in my usual Sunday Morning Beauty Ritual. Sunday is the day of the week that I take some time to care deeply for myself. On Sundays I like to relax by meditating, reading and beautifying myself with mask, hair treatments, manicures or whatever my body is telling me that it needs at the moment.

This Sunday, I elected to give my very tired skin a mud mask and treat myself to a manicure. My product of choice this week is Borghese Fango Active Mud for the Face and Body. I have not given myself a mud mask in over two weeks so this treatment is much overdue! This mask unclogs pores, helps remove dead skin cells and detoxifies impurities which is exactly what I need right now. The Borghese mask helps to improve the appearance of the skin by brightening the complexion and exfoliating the skin so that it feels smoother and hydrated.

Now I can grab my latest copy of New York Magazine, a couple of Vitamin E capsules (for my cuticles) and a tall glass of ice water to relax for about 15 minutes while my mask dries. Now if I can only hideout from my kids for these precious 15 minutes…

What are some of your favorite beautiful ways to relax and detox?

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  1. Lately, it’s a cup of tea, and either a facemask while watching some American TV on Netflix (I’m in Japan, so American TV can only be come by thusly) or while reading something good. But lately I’ve been really bad at making time to relax and seem to always be being pulled in too many directions.
    I also turn on an aromatherapy lamp I have and put on some foot lotion.

  2. AHHH! This was one of my “gateway” skincare products from my twenties!! I use to love this mask and used it all of the time. I think it might have been one of the first “expensive” skincare products I treated myself too. I haven’t thought about it in years. I will definitely need to check it out again!!

  3. Good for you for taking Sunday to care for yourself. It’s so important. We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. I’ve heard it called filling up your cup. Sorry to hear about your dad :(

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