Jul 012011

Who doesn’t love a beauty product that spoils them? A product that is so sinfully luxurious that you feel almost guilty for using it. A product so delectable that you want to use it even if you don’t need to. Well that barely describes my love affair with Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber Intense Moisture Body Butter.

bath and body works sensual amber body butter

Like many women, I’m no stranger to the Bath and Body Works brand. Practically every women that I know has used their body washes, lotions, fragrances etc so it should have been no surprise that I’d find a product or five to swoon over. However this time it was different, this time I could not stop talking about this body butter. For one the texture is so thick and creamy that you can literally turn the container upside down and not lose a drop. And the scent is in a word ‘sexy’, not sugary sweet sexy but slow sensual and romantic sexy.

bath and body works intense moisture sensual amber body butter review and swatch

The key fragrance notes are Pink Lotus, Amber, Succulent Plum and Sandalwood which make this exotic blend irresistible. The body butter is intensely hydrating and long-lasting so it’s excellent for rough elbows an other dry areas. I find myself applying this everyday even after I use my Argan oil just because it smells so incredible!

Bath and Body Works, Intense Moisture Body Butter,$15. For purchasing information, please visit BathandBodyWorks.com

What are some of your beauty indulgences?

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  1. Mmm, I love body butter, too. Even the name sounds so sensuous.

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