Jun 172011

That's so gay - not

I hesitated to post this and I’ve been going back and forth about this post so here goes…

When I began Lipstick and Luxury I started it as a move from a personal blog to a beauty blog. The reason? Well let’s just say that the internet can be a scary place and you just never know who is on the other side of the screen. So I turned to one of my passions which is beauty and started blogging about things that I loved. And while I’ve enjoyed my beautiful new adventure there just seemed to be something missing. It was me, I was missing from my posts. My point of view, my personality, my obsessive need to share my personal opinion well it was just not there any longer.

Now fast forward to June, Gay Pride month. Well you may be asking what does gay pride have to do with Lipstick and Luxury? Well you see “Lipstick” is a double entendre for the love of my favorite beauty product (lipstick) and the fact that I’m also a Lipstick Lesbian.

So what is an out and proud lesbian to do? Should I simply just ignore pride month and maybe not make mention of my sexuality because it may make people uncomfortable? NO. June is not just about celebrating and being proud of our diversity but it also serves as a reminder for those who suffered simply for loving someone and those who lost their lives from hate crimes. Now that is too important not to mention.

My big fat gay wedding

With all of that being said, I no longer feel that need to sit quietly behind my computer and not make a comment or write a post because it may make someone uncomfortable. I’ve been with my wife for almost eight years and I’m a bit over having to correct people when they reference “my husband” in conversations, I’m a bit over people using the word “gay” as a derogatory term and I’ve just about had enough of people making assumptions about me based on my sexuality. Gay Pride is about NOT being ashamed of who you are even when other people don’t agree with you. So I ask you all to educate yourselves and become an ally to the LGBT community, more information can be found here, here and here.

On a lighter note, I decided to show a little love to some beauty brands that have openly supported the LGBT community for Gay Pride Month. Unfortunately I was only able to find two beauty brands that are offering discounts, so check out these specials:

LUSH FREEDOM FOAMER BUBBLE BAR ($5.95). 100% of the proceeds of this emerald green bubble bar will go to Freedom to Marry to support their “Why Marriage Matters” campaign. Scented with the uplifting and refreshing scents of lemon, lime and grapefruit oils, the Freedom Foamer will be available exclusively online and at LUSH stores across North America for the duration of the campaign. It’s the perfect antidote to weary soles and a respite for freedom fighters.

Violent Lips Rainbow Pride Special

VIOLENT LIPS THE RAINBOW ($9.99). In honor of Pride Month (June 2011), Violent Lips the Rainbow is on sale for a limited time.  Each Violent Lip package includes 3 Temporary Lip Tattoo Appliques.

Happy Pride!


  6 Responses to “Lipstick and Luxury speaks on Gay Pride Month”

  1. That’s awesome that you are sharing your “voice” with us on your blog. That’s the beauty of blogging that we have the “luxury” (hehe) of doing that. I have to tell you I always assumed you had a husband when you talked about your family and I thought “how is it possible that she can have so much freedom to do what she loves when she’s married with children; he is the most supportive husband alive.” I am going to piss off a lot of straight married women when I say I suspect the fact that your partner is a woman might have something to do with you being so supported in that way. P.S. I thought Toronto did Gay Pride up right, but I was lucky enough to be in New York for Gay Pride two years ago (totally by accident – I was there for a workshop) and it was unbelievable. The energy was incredible.

    • Thank you Laura :) We have a great understanding of each others needs so being supportive is a key part of what makes out relationship so successful.

  2. Congrats on 8 years together. I wish you and your wife all the best!

  3. yes, loud and proud! woohoo. :)

    ps LOVE the picture

  4. […] first noticed Violent Lips on Lipstick and Luxury, a fabulous beauty blog run by my friend Nicole, and thought they were simply hysterical and […]

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