Jun 162011

Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss

I’m a lip gloss kind of gal, I love my lipsticks but for quick and easy glamour a lip gloss is my bff. During the summer months my makeup routine is minimal at best. Meaning that I keep you routine to the bare basics especially when I’m in a rush. And here is where my lip gloss comes in hand. How easy is it to slick some gloss on as you’re running out the door? Very, and that’s why I love it. My morning routine (if not well organized) is a hectic laundry list of making breakfast, getting my boys ready for school and putting together an outfit that doesn’t scream I forgot to do laundry.

But I digress…

Elizabeth Arden has created one of my favorite beauty items, their high shine lip gloss. This formula is ultra sheer with tiny flecks of golden glitter. However it still manages to give that perfect hint of color that easily translate from the work day to a play day.

Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss Swatches

My go to shade for the past two weeks has been Rosegold, it’s the perfect blend of a muted pink and warm brown topped off gold shimmers. These glosses are NOT very pigmented especially the Tropical and Honey Glaze. They are more of a high shine gloss with a tint so if you’re looking for a highly pigment gloss this is not it. When I want a more intense look, I’ll layer the gloss on top of my lipstick and I can build a nice color that’s very glossy and perfect for the evenings.

What is your go to product when you’re in a rush?

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