Jun 012011

Zoya nail polish bottle

Looking at my nails, I decided to change my nail polish to something a little more vibrant. So I opted for Zoya nail polish in Caitlin, from their Intimate Spring 2011 collection. I’m a subscriber to Birchbox so I received this shade as a part of my monthly package although I’d never actually worn the shade. The color is strikingly beautiful mix of muted lavender/gray with a touch of cornflower blue. Caitlin applies intensely opaque and dries to a cream finish.

Zoya Caitlin Nail Polish Swatch

I absolutely love that the color matches identically to the bottle. Sometimes colors like this appear pigmented but apply rather sheer to the nail bed. This shade is rich and luxurious, I love it! Would you wear Caitlin?

  2 Responses to “Looking Polished: Zoya Nail Polish in Caitlin”

  1. Ooh, I love it. Lavender is such a lovely shade for spring/summer. And my daughter’s name is Kaitlin (close) so I would definitely wear this!

  2. This color is so pretty. I have it & can’t wait to wear it!

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