May 312011

Don’t we all love new and innovative beauty products? A lazy Saturday trip to Sephora can yield an unexpected shopping bag full of new to market goodies, many of which we gleefully dish about on this very blog.

But perhaps as gratifying is the discovery of an older standard that you’d forgotten or previously overlooked in beauty scouting expeditions. There’s something comforting about learning a tried and tested formulation suits all your needs, and a newly-found old standby is far less likely to be discontinued than some upstart potion that rocks hard but never takes off properly.

I’ve often overlooked their solid, established products in favor of trendier brands. And while I was pretty attached to my Bare Escentuals base, we haven’t been getting along all that well lately. I needed a new foundation, but have grown accustomed to the convenience and lack of shine a powder foundation offers.

I scouted Bobbi Brown, MAC, BE, Benefit and Laura Mercier hard before being drawn in by a GWP at the Lancôme counter. I’d honestly forgotten Lancôme’s Dual Finish Powder existed, and was surprised at how even and natural the coverage it provided was. A quick trip to adjacent “outdoor lighting” revealed a shockingly light but flawless blendability that even worked fabulously when used as a concealer.

It bears mentioning that I’m not a teen or twenty-something, and powder foundations aren’t just for super oily skin. Lancôme’s Dual Finish Powder is finely milled and goes on smoothly, even if you don’t have completely perfect skin. Redness, rosacea and even dark circles disappear under the powder, but it seems to be more cohesive and- dare I say?- natural than its mineral counterparts. It does require the odd touchup, especially in warm weather, but that’s pretty par for the foundation course.

Surprisingly, the included sponge is the best tool for applying the foundation, and there’s a lighter puff for touch-ups- portability is another huge plus with this formula. I personally don’t recommend applying it wet as some of the counter artists recommend- it interferes with the integrity of the makeup, increases the chance of spoilage and creates a streaky finish.

Overall, though, this is one product I foresee having a seriously long and happy relationship with. Touchups that allow for full coverage without interfering with blush or setting powder are my new favorite makeup feature.

Have you ever rediscovered an older product and fallen in love? What drew you in?


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  1. I used to use this powder foundation all the time. I am now wondering why I stopped. Perhaps a moment of insanity. You have encouraged me to try it again!

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