Looking Polished: Essie Sole Mate

 Posted by on May 28, 2011
May 282011

Essie Sole Mate Nail Polish

As I’ve said before, one of easiest ways to looking polished is to keep your nails manicured. So I try to get my nails done at least once a week or do a quick at home manicure if I’m short on time. Like most women I like to switch up my nail polish depending on my mood. This week I’m feeling a little dark so I opted for deep sultry red in Essie Sole Mate.


Essie Sole Mate is described as a deep plum shade but from the swatch it appears to be more of a red. What do you think?

  4 Responses to “Looking Polished: Essie Sole Mate”

  1. It looks like a deep red and it looks beautiful!

  2. I like it and Essie has taken over as my new favourite from OPI because it does not chip! It is the most durable polish I’ve ever used.

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